Riverside Park Pony Club

Riverside Park Pony Club is located at Palomino Place, Champion Lakes, Western Australia.

The club was founded by Linda Balchin and Judy Hicks and was affiliated with the Pony Club Association in 1990.

There are currently 38 riding members for 2013.

We share the Palomino Reserve with Riverside Riding Club and Transitions Dressage Club and Kelmscott Adult Riders.

Aims of Riverside Park Pony Club             

A. To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved kinds of sportconnected with horses and riding.

B. To provide instruction in riding and horsemastership and to instil in members the proper care of their animals.

C. To promote the highest ideals of fellowship, citizenship and loyalty, and to cultivate trength of character and self-discipline.





The Pony Club, through its activities, is a worldwide youth organisation for those interested in horses, ponies and riding, to the age of 25 years.

It is the largest association of riders in the world.

It is a voluntary youth organisation, which exists to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people, encouraging in them an awareness of responsibility, sportsmanship and citizenship.

The Pony Club differs from other youth movements because the horse is used as the main centre of interest around which to cultivate strength of character and self-discipline.

The OBJECT of the Pony Club is to encourage young people to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding and to provide instruction in riding and to instil in members the proper care of their animals.

For more information please visit www.pcawa.com.au